Vind (2018-Cancelled)

In Vind you play as Mila, a girl born with the power of shapeshifting. The world is shattered and only floating islands and ancient ruins remain from what once was.  Help the villagers of the island with their problems, explore a vibrant world, solve puzzles, collect and craft, and ultimately awaken a slumbering goddess.

Download and play the demo here.

Genre: Open world, exploration, coziness.

My main responsibilities:

  • "Puzzle system" for pressure plates, doors, etc. (a generic, extendable power grid system)
  • Item & inventory system
  • Interaction system (item pickups, talkable NPCs, etc.)
  • Cooking minigame
  • Quest Log
  • UI/UX
  • General problem solving and bugfixing

Made using: C#, Unity